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Department Of Ophthalmology(EYE)


Ophthalmologist is a medical specialist who specializes in treating eye problems and provide vision care. Our eye specialists are experienced to treat eye diseases with medications and surgical procedures to restore its proper functioning. We perform various Glaucoma, cataract (Intraocular Lens Implantation for cataract), corneal and other eye muscle surgery under local or general anaesthesia and besides this various eye allergies and eye infections are also treated for our patients in this department.

The eye diseases that are treated at Jhanvi Multispecialty Hospital & Research Center are the following :

Cataract : Cataract is a condition of the eye where there is clouding of the lens which interfere with the normal vision of the patient. The condition results in blurred vision, less intensity in colours, difficulty seeing at night. It is more common in older people or people with diabetes great higher risk of cataract. Cataract can be nuclear, cortical or posterior capsular. Navin hospital has done various health camps to treat patients with cataract conditions.

Glaucoma : Glaucoma is a condition where the nerve that connects eye to the brain is damaged due to high fluid pressure in the eye and may lead to permanent blindness if left untreated. Our eye specialists have treated many patients with such condition via medications and surgery.

Corneal disease : Cornea is the outermost later present at the front of the eye and has a significant role in focusing vision. Certain injuries, allergies or eye conditions like dry eye may effect the cornea and its functioning. The treatment available to prevent corneal disease include laser surgery (surgeon uses laser technology to restore the cornea) and Corneal transplant surgery (the damaged portion of the cornea is removed and replaced with a healthy cornea from a donor).

The Ophthalmology Department provides comprehensive ophthalmic care and subspecialist state-of-the-art care.

Services :

● Cataract surgery with Intraocular Lens Implantation using the latest technology under topical, local or general anesthesia.

● Corneal disease management and corneal transplantation operations.

● External eye diseases like dry eyes, infections, allergic conditions and autoimmune diseases.