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Department Of ENT


Our ENT department comprises of highly experienced ENT specialists who manage the treatment of diseases related to ear, nose and throat and also manage a wide range of diseases of head and neck.

What is Otorhinolaryngology ?

Otorhinolaryngology is a specialty that deals with the conditions of the ear, nose and throat (ENT) and related structures of the head and neck. Doctors who specialize in this area are called Otorhinolaryngology or ENT doctors.

What do Otolaryngologists/ENT Specialists treat?

The Ears : Otolaryngologists provide sophisticated diagnostic and surgical expertise for simple or complex ear diseases. They are trained in the treatment of hearing, ear infections, balance disorders, deafness, facial and cranial nerve disorders. They also manage congenital disorders of the outer and inner ear.

The Nose : One of the most common health complaints among people these days is chronic sinusitis. Care of the nasal cavity and sinuses is one of the primary skills of otolaryngologists. Management of the nasal area includes environmental allergies, nasal obstruction, sinusitis, nasal septum deformities, removal of tutors such as polyps and tumors.

The Throat : Our ENT speciality has expertise in managing diseases or disorders of the larynx (voice box) and also in treating swallowing disorders.

The Head and Neck. Management of important nerves that control diseases, trauma and defects in head and neck. Otolaryngologists are trained to treat infectious diseases, perform reconstructive surgery like deformities of the face and treat tumors in this area.